Tell Your Friends Podcast

Episode 9| Fireman L.E.O Is In The Building



Today on the Show We Have An Up and Coming Rapper Out Of Houston L.E.O Is In The Building and If You Want To Listen To His New E.P Deja- Vu Check The Link Today On the Show We Discuss -The Artist -The Internet -Physical VS Streaming -Struggles As a New Artist/ Underrated Artist out Now -The Timeline Leading up to a Project -Beat Selection & Passion *Then at 1:26:50 we're Joined by The Man behind The Camera Terrell To Give Us His Input on -News Nowadays(Keep Scrolling) -Conspiracy Theories -A Rocky Relationship -Trippy Dreams -E3 And The Anticipation Is Killing US -Favorite Shows & What To Watch On Netflix & -Going To The Gym In a Relationship and Dude Beefs