Fare Of The Free Child

Ep 211: A Feel Trip Recap about Process vs Practice



We are starting our feel trip replays this week, which is why this episode is first airing on a Saturday instead of our usual mid-week thing. We used our mid-week time to meet up with Tiersa McQueen, unschooling advocate, @tiersaj on Twitter, to chat about the difference between a process and a practice, especially in parenting, and specifically in Self-Directed Education. We talked about things like:Using unschooling as a means of controlWe answered a brilliant question from Nicole who asked what does it look like to do nothing We talked about our experiences with the adult gaze I introduced some language from my current work around destination peddling in parenting, and about passage, and giving wayTiersa offered recent examples from her lessons with Phoenix, her 15 year old son. Just soooooo goood!!So, you'll hear a few segments from our March 24 2021 feel trip today, and we are having another one, this time with Karen M. Ricks of Our Kitchen Classroom, world traveler, life learner, mother, wife, chef