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How Do You Recognize a Christian? | Part 12 | Know, Know, Know – 1 John 5:13-21 | Chris Voigt



Know, Know, Know How Do You Recognize a Christian? August 22, 2021 A friend of mine is living in limbo this week. Her routine and schedule have been turned upside down by…wanna guess?? A family member was exposed to Covid. So, she’s waiting, a bit impatiently, for test results. Maybe you can relate? There’s a ripple effect when our lives are interrupted by the unexpected, the unwanted, the uninvited. Sure, our daily rhythms are affected; but there’s also a deeper impact. There’s an impact in our spirit. Our heart and mind get involved. There’s a sigh of impatience. We get grumpy, frustrated, maybe even angry! We don’t like it when circumstances are beyond our control, or being reminded that the reality is circumstances are always beyond our control. Life is uncertain. So, what do you do when Covid hijacks your plans? Or an accident changes your life, or a job is lost, or you don’t get in to the college you dreamed about, or…take your pick. How do we not just survive, but THRIVE when life is so full of uncer