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How Do You Recognize a Christian? Part 4



A Cautionary Tale How Do You Recognize a Christian? June 27, 2021 If you live in Oregon, where our church is located, you’re probably aware that much of our state is under an “excessive heat” warning this weekend. Around here, that means the highways to the Oregon coast will be packed with cars as people seek to escape from the heat. The forecast at this point indicates it will be about 35 degrees cooler, just 64 miles west! The purpose of a warning is to provide people with information that allows them to prepare for unusual or potentially dangerous circumstances ahead. Fans and AC units are flying (or have already flown) off the shelves at home improvement and hardware stores around here. We’re stocking up on popsicles and ice cream, preparing to cook outdoors, and covering windows to block out the sun. People are doing whatever they can to prepare for the weekend heat wave. This week, in our summer series How Do You Recognize a Christian? we’re taking a look at a warning the Apostle John gives to those w