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How Do You Recognize a Christian? Part 3



Level Up Love How Do You Recognize a Christian? June 20, 2021  I’m not really much of a gamer. For you older viewers, that’s someone who plays video games. Although I did get sucked into playing Candy Crush a few years ago. It took me maybe six months to “crush” all 1,400 and some-odd levels of the game. That’s time I’m never gonna get back! Since then, I pretty much stick to word games and jigsaw puzzles.   Anyone who plays video games knows that many of them are structured so there is a hierarchy or levels of progress. You avoid the bomb, defeat the enemy, collect the gems, and overcome every obstacle in your way; and then you advance to the next level. And with every level passed, you, your character, or your team increases in ability, strength, resources, or power. You are better equipped for whatever obstacles are to come in the next round.   Some of these games can be pretty addicting! They’re designed to be that way, because, well…that’s how companies get people to spend money on their games. As huma