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Essentials: The Church



Essentials: The Church May 23, 2021 Over the past 18 months or so, people in every sector of our society and around the world have had to figure out how to keep doing the things we’ve always done but in a whole new way. We’ve redesigned how we do work, school, healthcare, shopping, social life, and church. We’ve reorganized our daily routines, re-worked our schedules, re-defined priorities. As we adapt, new routines get incorporated into our lives and old ones go by the wayside. Those people who gather data and statistics on cultural trends would say that in America, one of the things that has disappeared from the rhythm of our lives as a nation is the connection to and involvement with Church. A recent Gallup study reports that for the first time in their eight decades of doing research, the percentage of Americans who say they belong to a church is less than 50%. Why have so many who grew up in church, decided to walk away? This week in our series Essentials: Live Like You Believe, we’re talking about the