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Essentials: Salvation



Essentials: Salvation May 16, 2021 Years ago, when our kids were little, we would pile into the car on Sunday morning and set off for church. Nine times out of ten, we took the exact same route. Though the kids were too little to drive, they knew where we were headed by the familiar route and rhythm of the car. This was the way to church. Once in a while, I would decide to change things up and go a different way. “Where are we going? This isn’t the way to church!” “There’s more than one way to get where we want to go,” I’d tell them. There’s more than one option in almost every area of life. There are hundreds of choices of breakfast cereal, or types and styles of shoes, or music to listen to, or books to read. There’s more than one way to do laundry, to shop, or to exercise. We live in a highly individualized society where we cherish the ability to choose what works for ME. Many people believe that there are multiple ways to have a relationship with God. But what does the Bible have to say about that? Thi