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Essentials: The Holy Spirit



Essentials: The Holy Spirit May 2, 2021 For most people, the concept of a father or father figure is one that is understandable, if not relatable. Whether your dad was amazing or absent, fantastic or dysfunctional, regardless of personal experience, we each have a frame of reference by which we understand what a father is. By the same token, we all get what it means to be a son or daughter or to have a son or daughter. The words ‘father’ and ‘son’ describe common familial relationships that we can relate to. When the words are used to describe God, our understanding of human relationships, for better or worse, gives us a starting place for understanding God the Father and God the Son. But then there’s this third part or person we also know as God. We don’t seem to talk about Him as much. And maybe part of the reason is because we don’t know how to relate to Him? I mean…I have a dad -well, actually, I have three, but that’s a different story – and I am a dad. I can relate to the dad part of God. And I am a so