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Essentials: God



Essentials: God April 18, 2021 If someone asked you to identify the five most important things in your life, what would you say? A quick search and scroll through several different websites this week, provided me with an insightful look at what our culture thinks the most important things are. The order varied from site to site, but for the most part, what Americans value most is: Family, friends, health, purpose, and love. Does it feel like something is missing to you? On site after site, scrolling through one list after another, there was no, absolutely zero, mention of God. That might explain a lot about the condition of our culture! Now granted, these were secular sites. But God or even faith can mean different things to different people. But He still didn’t make any of the lists, no matter how you define Him. Author Carolyn Custis James writes, “It takes only a phone call to remind us that we are all in the fray and that trusting God is the hardest thing we will ever do. In these moments of spiritual