Dayspring Fellowship Podcasts

Good Friday 2021



T.G.I.F. Everyone knows what those four letters stand for. Whether you’re young or old, Friday seems to be everyone’s favorite day. And for good reason…there are a lot of good things to love about Fridays. Maybe it’s “casual Friday” at the office, or date night, or family game night, or the anticipation of sleeping in on Saturday, or that a whole weekend of fun – or at least the option to have some – stretches out in front of you. We get approximately 52 Fridays each year. That’s a lot of goodness to look forward to! In the midst of all those Fridays, and all those “good” reasons we love them, there’s only one Friday each year that is officially called “good.” It comes around every spring just before Easter. It’s the day that Christians remember the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. So…why would a day that is set aside to remember a death, especially one as horrific as His was…why would we call that day “good?” Perhaps you’ve never quite understood why this day of remembrance is called “good.” If that