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The Old Testament



The Old Testament March 21, 2021 In the English language, certain words can have multiple meanings. It’s part of what makes English such a difficult language to learn! Take, for example, the word “old.” It can mean ancient, obsolete, old-fashioned, or stale. It can also mean durable, enduring, or timeless. When we think about the Old Testament, which meaning is appropriate? Of course it’s ancient, but not obsolete. It’s enduring, but not stale. This Sunday, we’ll be taking a look at the old part of The Bible. Join us as we discover why and how this part of the Bible is called “old” and why it’s valuable and important for those who follow Christ today. We’re in week three of a four-week series called The Bible for Grown-Ups. Many of us know the stories IN the Bible, but do you know the story OF the Bible? Where did the Bible come from? Understanding how we got the Bible strengthens our confidence in the Bible. If you’ve ever doubted whether or not you could trust what the Bible says, or struggled with some