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Last Things First March 7, 2021 I was talking to the mom of a young adult a couple of weeks ago. She told me her son decided to take a Bible class in his secular college. Mom expressed her concern but was told, “Don’t worry, Mom, I know what I believe.” Sure enough, after the class there is nothing but doubt and skepticism. How do you know you can trust the Bible? Lots of people are asking this question right now as we see values shifting around us in our culture. Most of us know some Bible stories – even if we’ve never been to church or don’t own a Bible. But knowing stories from the Bible isn’t the same as knowing the story of the Bible. And most of us don’t know the story of the Bible. If someone asked you where the Bible came from, what would you say? Mom and Dad? Church? Amazon? Perhaps you received your first Bible when you were a kid. A thick leather-bound book with your name stamped in gold on the cover; full of long words and difficult names you couldn’t pronounce. Or maybe it was a gift from a gr