Steam Powered Scoundrels: A Malifaux Podcast

Friday Night Faux-Down - 4/24/21 - Collaborative Trainwreck



No one cares about Errata or Gaining Grounds 2: Electric Rougarou. The Scoundrels throw down a Faux-down to cut through all this lame meta talk with the REAL hard-hitting discussions. Join Doug, Victoria, Roman, Nate, and Eli (the Facetious Five) as we spend an hour making bad jokes and unnecessary ships. Topics: 1. (Modern Day Malifaux) Whose Podcast do you follow religiously and what is it about? 2. Who’s the most forgettable Explorer? 3. Wyrd decided that no one actually likes Sonnia or Kirai, and asked you to pick two new masters to represent the Other Side starter. What are the new sculpts, new units, and allegiances? 4. Pick one of the five remaining factions with an unannounced starter. Just like the Catalans in Outcasts, what is their Out-Of-Faction keyword and why? 5. Which characters were in a relationship but had a bad breakup? 6. Which master would make the best Muppet if they were to be Muppetized? Who is your favorite existing Muppet and which master would they be cast as in The Muppetfaux Mov