Steam Powered Scoundrels: A Malifaux Podcast

Friday Night Faux-Down - 2/13/21 - Third Storey Combat



We got'em folks! Craig Floors fell for the ol' 'Trail of Almond Joys' trick and got himself locked in Roman's basement. While we wait for the ransom money, we decided to record a Friday Night Faux-Down! Sadly, we lost about 30 minutes of audio, but because of this we got him to promise to record ANOTHER episode. As usual, we have a blast. Enjoy! Topics: 1. What RPG would you most like to run for your fellow podcasters in this episode? 2. What's your OTP? If you've answered this before, what would be your secondary couple? 3. What is the needlessly divisive food choice in Malifaux a la “pineapple on pizza” and what is the “correct answer”? 4. You grow so famous from podcasting, Hollywood offers to let you make a low-budget Malifaux movie that’s really just a ripoff of a different terrible franchise. What low budget Malifaux theme movie rip off remake do you make? What’s your egotistical cameo in said movie? 5. Wyrd names a mildly interesting Malifaux landmark after you of your own design. What is it? 6. A ch