Steam Powered Scoundrels: A Malifaux Podcast

Friday Night Faux-Down -11/29/20 - Bean Powered Scoundrels



It's here. Nate took over SPS and look what he did. A whole Friday Night Faux-Down! dedicated to food (and Black Friday). Doug managed to talk him down from strictly bean-centric topics before Roman kidnapped him. You're Welcome. Hang out with Nate, Roman, Eli, Victoria, and Doug while we talk about pointless Malifaux stuff. Topics: 1. The Boston Molasses flood of 1919 killed 21 people and injured 150. What food based disaster is Malifaux likely to see, and who's fault is it? 2. Who’s secretly (not openly) a cannibal? 3.  Name a Malifaux master and explain their version of a Turducken 4. Who refuses to let anyone else carve the turkey? 5. What bean is the best representative for each faction in Malifaux? 6. What is Malifaux’s dark twist on Black Friday? 7. Which Malifaux Character would say their favorite holiday is Black Friday? 8. You get one Malifaux minion as your Black Friday shopping partner. Who is it and why? 9. What’s the best dish in all of Malifaux (that you can’t get on Earth), and where do yo