Steam Powered Scoundrels: A Malifaux Podcast

Best Laid Plan 5: Forgotten vs. Infamous



Best Laid Plans without Doug! He's currently locked up in Roman's basement force-fed on a steady diet of Bean Memes and Ski soda. Roman has commandeered the podcast to bring you the latest episode of Best Laid Plans! He hosts while Nate and Jake duke it out. Nate (Forgotten): Pool: 6 Molly + Grave Spirit's Touch Necrotic Machine Archie + The Whisper Dead Rider + Grave Spirit's Touch Philip and the Nanny Rabble Riser Crooligan   Jake (Infamous): Pool: 7 Captain Zipp Earl Burns First Mate + Two Gremlins in a Ghillie Suit Lucky Emissary Iron Skeeter + Two Gremlins in a Ghillie Suit Iron Skeeter Merris LaCroix Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD