Steam Powered Scoundrels: A Malifaux Podcast

Friday Night Faux-Down!- 09/13/20 - Don't Call Me Leslie



Join Doug (Dorg), Victoria (Vork), Nate (Nort), Roman (Rormin), and new friend Jeffrey (Jorfrey) and we yell and sometimes talk about hot button issues plaguing Malifaux.  Topics: 1.  Pitch a children's book idea involving Malifaux characters/plot lines.  2.  Remake a classic movie with Malifaux characters.  3.  What's in your favorite character's lunchbox?  4.  Person before you picks a leader, you pick their most likely cause of death (fluff-wise, not game mechanic-wise). 5.  Wyrd says there are no vampires in Malifaux, but what character is actually secretly a vampire and they just don't know it?  6.  Propose a new Nightmare Crew Box that also fits into the 1988 aesthetic. 7.  Each faction besides Arcanists and Bayou get their own gamin/golem. Pick a faction and describe the new golem and its keyword.  8.  If you could say one thing to your favorite character, what would it be?  Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD