Steam Powered Scoundrels: A Malifaux Podcast

Friday Night Faux-Down! - 07/28/20 - Robot Tentacles



Friday Night Faux Down is here again, bringing you loud people making jokes about your favorite game. This session features the big 4 (Tori, Nate, Roman, and Doug) lending their collective genius to entertain you. Tonight's Topics -  1. Suggest a song. The rest of the participants must decide on who’s theme it should be. 2.  You sold your soul to the devil for a Malifaux novel series. As payment, you have to name your next two children after Malifaux characters (boy and girl). What are their names? Bonus question: Who would you like to see write the novels? 3. Pick another Foundry Model and tell us how you’d convert it to fit into the Malifaux: 1988 aesthetic. 4. After all the Explorers shenanigans settle down, who most needs new models in your faction and what might that model be? 5. If the characters of Malifaux got to see their own models & cards, who would love/hate how they're portrayed the most? 6. What should be the next model to make its way to tabletop Maifaux from TTB? 7. Now we have cyb