Steam Powered Scoundrels: A Malifaux Podcast

Friday Night Faux-Down - 12/24/19 - Merry Krampus



WARNING! We talk about adult things in this episode! Not for the ears of the innocent!   Hey I'm JUST getting this in an hour before Christmas (so this still qualifies as a holiday episode). We welcome the return of Victoria, Nate, and Roman, as well as say hi to Eli our newest stooge. It's our typical Scoundrel shenanigans with a few festive topics tossed in. Enjoy! JOIN OUR DISCORD - Topics Tonight: 1. Which characters would make for the best after school cartoons? 2. All eight factions decide that for 24 hours they'd declare a 'Christmas Truce'. What characters do you most want to see have a story about them interacting during the truce? 3. Every faction has a group chat/discord server. Who is the shitposter? 4. Design a holiday-themed crew box 5. What is now the biggest thing you want addressed in the fluff? 6. Say something nice about a faction/master you hate 7. Secret Santa?