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Sex In Space For Worldly Men - MTP267



My guest Roman Chiporukha and his wife run a high-end travel adventure curation service for the uber-wealthy. Not only does he know a lot of famous and powerful people, his gig has been expanded of late to include space tourism curation as well. In fact, Roman has already seated at least one civilian astronaut on a trip to the ISS in the near future. As you might imagine, Roman has traveled the world extensively (and expensively?) himself. All of this, of course, makes for a fascinating discussion of how being 'worldly' serves us as men. But it also makes a conversation about space travel and colonization a moral imperative. So what has Roman discovered about culture, human perceptions and especially relating to women through all his travels? Well, wait until you hear his ninja advice for charming women no matter where in the world you go. As our conversation moves toward the cosmos, we cover all sorts of wild, futuristic questions. What is sex going to be like in space? How will the first small colonies of p