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The Make Mine Magic Podcast 103: The 2016 TCM Classic Cruise



This week's episode of The Make Mine Magic Podcast includes discussion of the 2016 TCM Classic Cruise, and the following: live on location intro / the last TCM Classic Cruise / the movie count / in-room movies / the Aqua Duck / TCM folks / Jenn doesn't like film noir / Glenn explains film noir / Strait-Jacket / Diane Baker's acting class / movie venues / An American in Paris / Beaux Arts / fireworks / the Star Wars guys on 20, 000 Leagues / Dick Cavett / Harold Lloyd / Jerry Lewis / old and new friends / characters and kids / Chip and Dale / Palo / Tiggers don't like arugula / the talent show, wow / closing / Links: 2016 TCM Classic Cruise Biff bam Pop's Holiday Gift Guide on Dick Cavett Palo at French Fry Diary Jennifer's Twitter Glenn's Twitter Jennifer's Blog The GAR! Podcast Family on Facebook Biff Bam Pop! The Biff Bam Pop! Podcast Network The Make Mine Magic Podcast on Pinterest The Make Mine Magic Podcast on Instagram The Make Mine Magic Podcast on iTunes The Make Mine Magic Facebook Page