Make Mine Magic!

The Make Mine Magic Podcast 100: Ask Us Anything



This week's 100th episode of The Make Mine Magic Podcast includes discussion of the following: electric intro / The Main Street Electrical Parade / ask us anything / Sarah rocks / Journey resort / Wreck-It Ralph restaurant / fab five fast food / animation interaction attraction / Brave ride / Marvel resort / Disney bounding / GAR! / towel animals / guests and scheduling / video / Glenn hums badly (really badly) / you never forget your first time / Jenn sings (well) / closing / Links: GAR 100 Sarah's blog Sarah's Creations of Chaos at Biff Bam Pop! The GAR! Podcast South Jersey Writers' Group Rich Voza Audacious Eleven Podcast Donna Juzva Jennifer's Twitter Glenn's Twitter Jennifer's Blog The GAR! Podcast Family on Facebook Biff Bam Pop! The Biff Bam Pop! Podcast Network The Make Mine Magic Podcast on Pinterest The Make Mine Magic Podcast on Instagram The Make Mine Magic Podcast on iTunes The Make Mine Magic Facebook Page