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Emily Blake and Gabriel Figueroa share their goal with their new animated sex ed series, Welcome to Kinkyville. Support their Kickstarter here! 00:30 Introduction and host chat If you’re under 18, visit scarleteen.com The empathy gap and why it’s hard to predict your behavior in a hot state when you’re in a cold state. Related to our idea of “experience shock.” Hidden Brain podcast The Empathy Gap A group at Harvard Law School, PLAC (Polyamory Legal Advocacy Coalition, which is an initialism), is working on legal protections for poly folks. The Harvard Law article. 08:16 Lusty Guy’s Politics Corner: is it legal to require vaccines? This issue was settled definitely by the Supreme Court in 1905 with Jacobson V Massachusetts. 13:19 Contact us If you have questions, comments, or feedback call 802-505-POLY or email polyweekly@gmail.com and attach an MP3 file with your questions. To book us or anything that involves a calendar, email lustyguy@polyweekly.com and copy polyweekly@gmail.com. 14:15 Topic: Welcome