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Confidence, Arrogance And Straight-Up Swagger - MTP268



Swagger is a loaded word, isn't it? You may picture someone who is not just super-confident, but downright arrogant, right? Well, my guest Leslie Ehm is the author of a popular book meant to challenge old stereotypes surrounding swagger and redefine them. It's called, Swagger: Unleash Everything You Are To Become Everything You Want. In it, not only does she throw down the differences between mere confidence, arrogance and swagger; she explains how the true essence of it all is about personal power. In fact, she has a whole swagger PROCESS by which you can getchasum for yourself. So then, for starters what are Leslie's three elements that drive swagger? How can you leverage your unique traits and talents to increase it? What inherent risks come with being your authentic self that can actually serve to build swagger? What is the one key factor that makes your personal brand of swagger charming to others rather than off-putting? What should you think and do when people disagree with you, or flat-out don't like