Seeing Jesus Pt. 6



Check out our Weekly Viewpoint ► Find us on Instagram ► Find us on YouTube ► We often read the stories of the Old Testament and think that they are primarily “morality tales”:  Obey God like Moses did. Don't be like Jonah.  Be courageous like Ruth. Be less like drifting like Samson. The reality, though, is that the primary purpose of the great Old Testament narratives is not to improve our morals, but to reveal the living God to us. The Old Testament features authoritative theological teaching, but often in the form of stories, thereby teaching in the form of real human experience. In this series, we will explore stories of laughter, bitterness, bravery, doubt and power.  We’ll examine wayfinders and signposts along the way that point us toward God. And we'll foreshadow the coming of Jesus.