Kasey Van Norman

Trust the Plan



Be encouraged as Kasey shares 3 Biblical anchors to help us trust the eternal plan of God in the moments we feel tempted to doubt. Understand the inner-working of human compromise, how the enemy tempts us to believe a lie, and learn 3 ways to re-align yourself in to the perfect, ongoing will of God. {Recorded March 7, 2020 at the Extraordinary Women's Conference in Tulsa, OK}. *To learn more about upcoming events & where Kasey will be next: https://kaseyvannorman.com/events *To learn more about Kasey's books & Bible studies: https://kaseyvannorman.com/books *To request Kasey to speak for your upcoming event: https://kaseyvannorman.com/request *Connect with Kasey via the following ways: https://kaseyvannorman.com/media {Copyright Kasey Van Norman Ministries, 2020. You are allowed to share/publish this content without charging for distribution}.