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Money & The Church: A Better Way To Live & Give | Dr. Stephen R. Crosby



Join Steve Bremner this week as he discusses the taboo subject of money in the church with Dr Stephen R. Crosby. Dr Crosby recently published a book called "Money & The Church", and like usual, we get down to business killing some sacred cows.  But, lest you think this is just going to be a rant against practices that we think are bad and unbiblical in the Body of Christ regarding how money is acquired and used, we also encourage a different approach. One that is the source of life. We spend some time dismissing lies that many Christians have about money, but also how God has laid out "living and giving" in the Bible.  To get a copy of Dr Crosby's new book, head to The article Steve Bremner referred to in the discussion: Manna from Heaven: Why Modern Tithing is Unbiblical.  Also, many thanks to those of you who have helped spread word about Stevie B's ebooks. If you'd like to get a free audio copy of 6 Lies People Believe About Divine Healing, head on ove