Fire On Your Head

The 100th Episode of the Show!



We finally made it to episode 100! It's been an interesting 6 year ride. Dave Edwards and Steve Bremner talk about the best (and worst) of the podcast over the years and discuss the direction we feel the Lord taking us in the next 100 episodes of the podcast. This week we don't cover a lot of the prophetic or theology, but instead answer important questions like: What makes a good episode of Fire On Your Head? What really happened between Steve Bremner and his original co-host Dan Slavin? We share the non-sensational and uneventful behind-the-scenes story. If you're a blogger, author, celebrity of some kidn and intend on being a guest on a future episode of the podcast, what do you need to know and do to be prepared? Does Steve get paid or make any money producing this podcast? Give us a listen and get stirred up with some of what the Lord has been doing in our lives. Steve's new Kindle books: 6 Lies People Believe About Divine Healing for $3.99 Increase Your Faith: Practical Steps To Help You Believe For The