Fire On Your Head

The New Jezebel | Discussion with S.J. Hill & Dr. Stephen R. Crosby



Join us this week as we discuss another insidious doctrine that's ready for a sacred cow barbecue. This week Stephen Crosby, S.J. Hill and Steve Bremner chat it up again, and this time cover 'the new Jezebel'--which is nothing more than a newly packaged old lie, which basically discourages anybody from asking questions or challenging things that are said or done. It's a subtle form of manipulation that some leaders use in order to insulate themselves from being challenged. It's a form of manipulation, plain and simple. We discuss how this works, and spend the second half of the conversation discussing practical ways we can change this in our own personal lives and in our fellowship with one another. Give it a listen as it's definitely the most insightful conversation the three of us have had together on the podcast so far. Further reading: The New Jezebel - "You're Just Wounded" - by Dr Stephen R. Crosby If you’d like to subscribe to the Fire On Your Head Podcast, visit our directory in iTunes, Stitcher Radio