Fire On Your Head

Is Hyper Grace a License To Sin? | Conversation with Gregg Montella



Join us this week as we finally have another discussion with the star of American Missionary, Gregg Montella.  He shares a little bit about the anti-human trafficking ministry work he's doing in countries like Moldova, and then we get down to talking about the abundant love and grace of God. Is grace really a license to sin?  Is it "sloppy agape"?  Where does the grace of God truly fit in the believer's life and ability to live a holy, repentant life?  Join us to find out as we have a fun and insightful discussion! Visit Gregg's site One Heart International Mission   Relevant Articles: Sipping Saints - Christians and Alochol, It's All Grace? both by Steve Bremner If you’d like to subscribe to the Fire On Your Head Podcast, visit our directory in iTunes, or visit for more subscription options.