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Crazy People Need Love Too - MTP269



My guest is the author of 'Mental Illness Is An A**hole', an attention-getting title if there ever was one. Indeed, Gabe Howard has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, which greatly contributed to the downfall of his first marriage. Today, however, he is in a successful long-term relationship spanning ten years. Meanwhile, as you probably know, my own first marriage was rocked by my spouse's mental illness, and I have been vehemently outspoken against getting into relationships with those who are under the care of a psychiatrist for psychoses. I was most certainly up front with Gabe about my opinions, and to his credit he was game to come on the show and present his counter-points anyway. In this episode, he offers plenty of stories and examples...all the while acknowledging others' right to disagree and draw their own conclusions. And you can be sure I didn't hold back on the hard questions. Crazy people may need love too, but can they deserve what they want? Gabe throws his case out on the table in full.