Peake & Roll

E97: #MeloRevengeTour2k19 AND PAUL GEORGE SIGNING



Chuck Chaney and George Stoia hop on the Peake & Roll to discuss the Paul George signing. George pitches his ultimate project yet, the Melo Revenge Tour 2k19. 2:00 Are we all recovered from the PG news? Hungover? 3:15 LeBron James to LA without Paul George 4:45 Lance “whisper in my ear” Stephenson to the Lakers? 5:10 The breakdown of what happened with the party (please don’t judge us on how we say NAS) 6:25 Where were you when PG made his announcement 8:50 SALTY LAKER FANS TEARS ARE MY FUEL 10:15 Whataburger and Frontier City is better than Los Angeles 13:45 George will fight over you over QuikTrip 15:00 Chuck & George get off topic and talk about jobs and HS Football 21:37 Hashtag Melo Revenge Tour 2k19 25:01 did PG and LeBron make their decisions a long time ago? 26:30 ANDRE ROBERSON IS UNDER RATED 28:45 Let Melo Start. We have a solution 30:00 Nerlans NOEL! 32:30 we love you Felton 34:00 OKC learned from their mistakes 36:00 Finally, a superstar chooses OKC 38:30 George needs to go to 8-mile 39:30 we mis