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Your Self-Talk Determines Your Success or Failure: 3 Ways You Self Sabotage



Today, you will hear about how bad habits of self-talk can sabotage your success and why it's so easy to keep doing it. You also discover the three common forms of destructive self-talk. Self-talk serves as a navigation system for the journey to appreciation of yourself, leading into success habits. It's no secret that how you speak with yourself has a significant impact on how you experience the world. That is why it is critical to be aware of how you speak to yourself. The reason why it's so easy to stay in the self-sabotage is that it became a habit from childhood.  You'll learn steps to break those habits here. Here are the 3 points that covered in this episode: Three common ways people talk to themselves as a habit to sabotage their success. How to change your bad habits Where the emotional habits come from Putting Down of your Capabilities - Self-deprecation can be harmful to your self-esteem and confidence. This covers both what you say out loud and the mean self-ta