Scientific Healing With Dr. Anastasia Chopelas

Do you have a toxic relationship habit that is hard to break? 3 tips to heal it.



Is your relationship with the people around you doing you any good? Anytime you feel unloved, unappreciated, or if there are unforgiving and resentful people to you, just cut the cord. You can break the habit of dysfunctional and toxic relationships by healing your energetic connections. Choose the people that you want to exchange energy with so that you’ll have the best relationships. Listen to this episode to learn what you can do about keeping your energy clear and focused so you can have the best relationships. You exchange energy during every conversation and interaction with someone, done with looks, posture, words, thoughts, and emotions.  It mixes with your frequency, causing either harmony or chaos.  Imagine that you interact with several people in a day or hour, and you’ve got all that energy mixed into yours.  Here are the 3 points covered in this episode: The Primary Ways of Exchanging Energy How to Heal your Energetic Connections What you can do to protect yourself from Reinfectio