Scientific Healing With Dr. Anastasia Chopelas

Why you attract the same type of partner, man or woman: how to heal to have healthy relationships



Today, you will hear why people choose the same type of love relationship over and over. You also discover how to heal repeating relationship patterns and prepare yourself for healthy relationships. It’s no accident that you repeat the same relationship pattern over and over.  It’s not just what you’re attracted to, but it is also what you’re attracting.  People transmit on a specific emotional frequency, it attracts a certain type of person. These are the reason why you attract the same sort of partner repeatedly.  Your inherited energetic patterns, now known as epigenetics, include tendencies towards certain behaviors. Do you have a trigger temper, a tendency towards depression, or destructive behavior or are you naturally happy or high? Your early childhood relationships could have led to you having low energy emotions, like fear, shame, or anger.  Each emotion trapped in your body has its own effect on your personal frequency. Your upbringing leads to societal, religious, and communit