Scientific Healing With Dr. Anastasia Chopelas

Don’t do resolutions: instead use step 2 of this quantum process to achieve your goals effortlessly



The manifestation or creation process that I describe uses the qualities of the quantum field to help bring them into reality. The quality that is most powerful is your ability to perturb the field. As you move into that creation phase with focus on a clear vision, you create a bigger and more powerful quantum fluctuation.   Today, you are about to hear about a process that I have used for over 25 years to help manifest a new vision for my life. In those years I went from very ill where conventional medicine had no answers for me, I’ve changed careers twice until I am doing something that’s very satisfying, changed countries and homes 3 times which helped me build wealth, and finally developed the kind of relationship I wanted since I divorced over 27 years ago. Each step or quantum leap was better than the last  In the last video, I talked about releasing the old, putting it in your rear view mirror, letting it go. If you haven’t done it yet, watch that vide