Scientific Healing With Dr. Anastasia Chopelas

Two key properties of the quantum field that allows you to manifest your new future



Every time you try to observe the quantum field, you change it. The changes are called quantum fluctuations and the more you keep looking for it, the fluctuations keep growing stronger. In this broadcast, Manifesting with the quantum field: two key properties of the field allow you to bring something new into being. In the last broadcast, I talked a little about what the quantum field is. Most people can’t grasp or visualize it because it is not something that is easily visualized. The quantum field is both like and unlike a magnetic field.  A magnetic field is invisible.  But you can visualize it by dropping iron filings into it, like around magnets, and the field lines quickly becomes obvious.  The aurora’s seen in the atmosphere around the Earth’s geomagnetic poles, formed by charged particles from the solar wind that are lit up by the pulsating field, yielding dramatically beautiful results. The quantum field isn’t made visible or even observabl