Scientific Healing With Dr. Anastasia Chopelas

Fear of scarcity can keep you small, broke, stuck & alone: energy healing & practical tips to heal it



Discover how fear of scarcity shows up in your life (five common signs) and keeps you broke. Hear practical tips on what you can do about it. Discover how fear of scarcity shows up and holds you back. 5 tips on overcoming it quickly. The problem with being afraid of not having enough is that you focus on lack. The more you focus on lack, the more you lose. in the times of my life when I never worried about having enough, there was so much to go around that I didn’t even look at price tags any more. It didn’t matter if a pair of shoes was $100 or $200, if they fit, they were comfortable and looked nice, I bought them. And somehow the money always showed up for everything else that needed covering. As soon as I divorced, existential worries showed up. I started looking at the prices of everything. Instead of being able to save money like I had before, my bank accounts had dwindled slowly. It was very disappointing and worrying. At the end of every month, I pinche