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Heal Your Allergies with Dr. Aaron Orpelli



Aaron Orpelli was born in Jaffa, Israel.  He attended Southern California Chiropractic College in Pico Rivera, California and graduated in 1995.  He was originally inspired to be a healing practitioner because as a child he was very ill.  Furthermore, he was in the hospital seven times before his tenth birthday.  Each stay lasted from a month to eleven months.  At the age of ten he had a kidney infection and his blood pressure reached 210 over 150.  He thought that he wasn’t going to live to age eleven.  His inspiration to heal started with his fervent desire to be healthy and free from hospitals and medication.  He followed a restricted diet for seven years to get and stay healthy. At age nineteen, Dr. Orpelli was in a serious car accident which put him in a coma for a week.  After the accident he suffered constant migraine headaches non-stop.  Once again, he was heavily medicated.  The strong desire to become a doctor that started in childhood returned,