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193: Treating Life-Changing Diseases as a Neurologist



Dr. Beaber is a Fellowship Director and Neurologist. We got to talk about his favorite things about neurology and treating patients with diseases such as MS. Links:https://medicalschoolhq.net/ss-193-treating-life-changing-diseases-as-a-neurologist/ (Full Episode Blog Post) https://medicalschoolhq.net/meded-media/ (Meded Media) https://eshadowing.com/ (eshadowing.com)  https://multiple-sclerosis-research.org/author/gavingiovannoni/ (The MS Blog) https://www.tischms.org/what-is-tisch-msrcny/dr-saud-sadiq (Dr. Saud Sadiq at the Tisch MS Center) http://hadassahinternational.org/category/multiple-sclerosis-center/ (Hadassah)