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26: How to Think About Choosing a Residency & Specialty



Session 26 There are many things to think about when you are deciding your future career. In this episode, we discuss how you should start that process. The goal of this podcast is to speak to specialists from every field, both community and academic. But I want to rewind a little bit and talk about the whole process of just thinking about these specialties and the questions you should be asking yourself, and what you should be thinking about as you're going on this journey so that as you listen to these interviews, you will have a better sense of what you're thinking about and your goals in career and life in general. [02:10] Keep an Open Mind A large percentage of premeds that go into medical school know what they want to do. But keep in mind that most medical students change their minds. They may get in a specific field after exposure and research but as they get more involved in the field through rotations and doing a lot more clinical work as a medical student, they realize it's not for them. So realiz