Off The Chain With Doberman Dan

The Cure to Addiction with Bob Gardner part 1



SUBJECT: Porn, your brain and making lots of money... Wow! Within only the first 90 seconds, this conversation to an IMMEDIATE 180 from where I thought it was going. Talk about hitting ya with both barrels right from the git-go... with no warm-up! Then it got even more fascinating and controversial from there. Listen... If you think you’re stuck with your negative programming... If your 12-step program has conditioned to believe that you’re an addict for life... Or... if you think you’re never gonna overcome the hurdles you’re facing... My new friend begs to differ. And if you’re searching to free yourself from addictions... negative thoughts... and a jail cell of your own creation... so you can finally experience the life of your dreams... Then click here now to hear this free interview on the newest episode of Off The Chain... All the best, Doberman Dan P.S. Right up front in the show you’re gonna discover a few things about me that you just might find shocking. It’s probably the total opposite of my image