Off The Chain With Doberman Dan

My Secret To 3 to 1 ROI on your marketing dollars



Long story short...   I wrote a direct mail piece for a nutritional supplement recently.   Now normally, if you can get to break even in direct mail, even the top experts are frickin’ ECSTATIC.   “Break even” meaning you get enough sales to make back all your costs to do the mailing. But you don’t make any money on the front end.   However, my piece is consistently getting a 5 to 1 ROI when mailed to cold lists for customer acquisition.   Even the experts would say that’s darn near IMPOSIBLE nowadays.   But I’ve got a secret for doing that. And it’s completely off the radar of all the LMMs (lesser mortal marketers) and LMCs (lesser mortal copywriters).   However... if you want... I’ll reveal it to you.   All you have to do is click here to discover it on the latest episode of Off The Chain.   All the best, Doberman Dan