Off The Chain With Doberman Dan

Best of All Time Series: Internet Marketing Pioneer



The following is a replay of one of the top 3 most downloaded episodes of Off The Chain. Enjoy! This is a special bonus episode of Doberman Dan's “Off The Chain” show. It’s an interview with online marketing pioneer Ken McCarthy. Ken was the first person ever to hold an Internet marketing conference and is responsible for many of the Internet marketing breakthroughs we all use today. Ken is taking it easy and enjoying life these days... so I had to chase him down to whichever exotic location he was hanging out in at the time and chat by phone. So the audio quality isn’t up to the standard you usually hear from me... but it doesn’t matter because Ken revealed lots of stuff that will make you a MUCH better online marketer. Stuff like... - Why studying the history of blues and jazz can make you exponentially more successful.
 - A criminally cheap way to get a distillation of 57 of the most successful Internet marketing techniques Ken discovered over a period of 20 years of meticulous testing. - How Ken transmute