Off The Chain With Doberman Dan

Best of All Time Series: The #1 secret to getting clients – from an A-list copywriter



The following is a replay of one of the top 3 most downloaded episodes of Off The Chain.  Enjoy! My friend and fellow knight in the Marketing Camelot, Brian Keith Voiles, shared some truly breakthrough stuff recently. Brian is one of the best copywriters I know. And he has written copy (quite successfully) for practically ALL the big successful direct response marketers. Including all the big name gurus you would know. He has also used his copywriting skills in his own entrepreneurial ventures. So he has an incredible amount of knowledge and experience about being a freelance copywriter... AND a direct response entrepreneur. Brian was kind enough to share some of that knowledge and experience on my latest “Off The Chain” podcast. If you’re a freelancer... of any kind... and you struggle with getting clients... then you HAVE to check this out. Brian revealed THE secret to always having a steady flow of clients. In fact, if you truly “get” this, you’ll create such a demand... you’ll be turning business away. A