The Nosleep Podcast

NoSleep Podcast S16E24



It's Episode 24 of Season 16. Our correspondence looks back in terror. “The Museum of Lost Things” written by Carson Winter (Story starts around 00:11:50) TRIGGER WARNING! Produced by: Phil Michalski Cast: Narrator – Peter Lewis, Hank – Dan Zappulla “A Recovered Letter” written by Horatio Marissa (Story starts around 00:54:20) Produced by: Phil Michalski Cast: William T. Clay – Mike DelGaudio, Libbie Latimer – Erin Lillis, Ernest Latimer – Atticus Jackson, Narrator – David Cummings “Mad Cow Disease” written by Daniel Huras (Story starts around 01:07:10) TRIGGER WARNING! Produced by: Jeff Clement Cast: Commentator – Sarah Ruth Thomas, Reginald King – Jeff Clement “My Grandpa’s Last Request” written by Mr. Michael Squid (Story starts around 01:33:50) TRIGGER WARNING! Produced by: Phil Michalski Cast: Narrator – Kyle Akers, Clara – Nichole Goodnight “Liturgy of Hungers” written by Harold Neil Riggs (Story starts around 01:46:50) TRIGGER WARNING! Produced by: Jesse Cornett Cast: iseektruth89 – David Cummings