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Little Known Signs A Woman Is Into You - MTP271



Everything would be so much easier if we could just figure out, with absolute certainty, whether a woman was sexually interested in us or not. I mean, we're told to look for eye contact, hair twirling, lip biting and other objective signals, but most of us just never, ever see that sort of thing happening right before our very eyes. Is it that we aren't getting the hints? Or could it be that there's a whole different set of clues we should be looking for? And for sure, it's not like all of these signals happen face-to-face. For example, there's no way we can see a woman twirling her hair through a text message, right? With so many potential scenarios both in-person and virtual, there's got to be a better way to accurately gauge a woman's interest level. Plus, there should be a whole different game plan for a woman you already know compared to a cold approach. My long-time friend and fellow dating coach Bobby Rio joins me to talk about all the different ways women indicate they're into us. Although we'll give