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Vagine & All the Things with Dr. Adrianna Shardey



Vagine and All the Things with Dr. Adrianna Shardey! hello, Hello, HELLO friends! Join your favorite pharmacists at The Chocolate Brunch on August 29, 2021 in Dallas, TX.  Go to www.thechocolatebrunch.com for all the details!  Were back with a special pop up episode because we couldn’t wait to interview our new Super friend, Dr. Adrianna!  Not only is she a pharmacist who specializes in women’s health, she is also a cosmetic pharmacist, sexual health educator, aesthetician and social media star!  Yup, all of that!  Listen and learn about all the things she’s had to overcome and a few ways to keep the vagine happy!    Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode: Her transition from young mother to Multi-hyphenate Pharmacist How to overcome toxic situations and follow your passions More about Women’s Health Pharmacists More about Cosmetic Pharmacists This or That Vagine style   More about Dr. Adrianna: Hi, I’m Dr. Adrianna Shardey, PharmD!  I’m a “Pharminfluencer.” A PharmInfluencer is a pharmacist or pharmacy p