3 Friends Talk's Podcast

It ain't over! The Delta & Lambda Sars-CoV2 variants are Supercharged!



hello, Hello, HELLO friends! Its the Summer panorama (I mean pandemic) update. As pharmacists, your favorite 3 friends are poised to be your source of pertinent information regarding COVID19, vaccine safety, efficacy, and availability. The Delta and Lambda variants are causing setbacks in our pandemic recovery.  Tune in as 3 friends TALK discusses all the latest updates and we recommend you start/continue to wear your mask in public.  Doctors orders!!  You also don't want to miss out on Girl Talk with your 3 favorite pharmacists Dr. Courtney, Dr. Leah, and Dr. Sylvia. Do you have questions? Shoot us a message at www.3friendsTALK.com. Join us for our first IRL event on August 29, 2021, in Dallas, TX.  Register for more information at www.thechocolatebrunch.com.