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The Healing Journey with the Honorable Judge Njeri Maldonado



hello, Hello, HELLO friends! We're back with another episode.  July is all about healing and you know we're always talking about self-care for Black women.  We are so excited to expand our conversation and discuss the healing journey with the Honorable Judge (yep we meant to use both Honorable and Judge) Njeri Maldonado. In 2019, Judge Maldonado published her memoir and credits it with being a huge part of her healing journey from the traumas of her childhood. Noticing there weren’t many resources for children who grew up like her, and now being a mother herself, she wants to be and create a resource for others like her.  What you’ll learn: Girl Talk Who is in an undisclosed location this week Sha’Carrie and Tokyo 2020 Olympics Interview with Judge & Author Njeri How writing about her journey helped her heal How to fly on a string How to be open to new experiences How her father and Xavier University shaped her journey Immigration How she practices self-care Resources: https://amzn.to/3BS4qQI h